D.A.F.T. Related events & participants: THE (deviant) ART FESTIVAL in Trollhättan

Fred Lindberg started THE (deviant) ART FESTIVAL as a society and network of contemporary artists in London 2005. The thought behind these art events was to put people and ideas together rather than single pieces of art. To create a foundation for collaborations. In 1937 Hitler exhibited “Entartete Kunst”, 1962 came Fluxus events like “The Festival of Misfits” and today our Art is striving to exist in-between being singled out as a degenerate, or choosing to be a misfit.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

(deviant) Artist's other projects: Corinne Mynatt at New Art Birmingham.

IN WITH THE NEW New Art Birmingham celebrates the best in bold, contemporary visual art. NAB 2007 will showcase the best emerging regional, national and international artists through a free 4 day Art Market at Curzon Street Station. NAB works in association with arts organisations and venues across Birmingham and the West Midlands. www.urban-fusion.info/nab

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fred's Website, sqrappy.com is up and running again!

Films and Poetry sections are still under construction and will be produced shortly, but he seems happy about it anyway... Bless him! Visit: www.sqrappy.com

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

(deviant) Artist's other projects: Jay Patel

Jay Patel together with most possible (deviant) newcomer Bill Howard (The Projection Gallery) is some of the people involved in this project called Projektar at Seven Seven Galley. (picture from work by Sheena Macrae.) Projektar brings together video artists from The Projection Gallery, Seven Seven partners in Milan , and UGM, (National Gallery of Slovenia). Projektar's main screen will be viewable from the street and additional monitors will show a mixed program in the gallery. Curated by Bill Howard, Jay Patel, Dave Farnham and Alan Bond the project features prizewinning films.

The Projection Gallery, an artists' film group,was established in 2004. The Projection Gallery participated in the 2004 and 2006 Liverpool Biennales. Later this year will take part in festivals in Sweden and The Czech Republic.



The (deviant) Art Festival crew is now...

...reviewing proposals. A letter with information will soon be sent out to everyone who have applied or are involved . Late applicants: Remember that final date for proposals is the 1march.