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Fred Lindberg started THE (deviant) ART FESTIVAL as a society and network of contemporary artists in London 2005. The thought behind these art events was to put people and ideas together rather than single pieces of art. To create a foundation for collaborations. In 1937 Hitler exhibited “Entartete Kunst”, 1962 came Fluxus events like “The Festival of Misfits” and today our Art is striving to exist in-between being singled out as a degenerate, or choosing to be a misfit.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

"existence precedes essence"


When you sign up to enter this exhibition you get 2 (or more) pages from Sartre`s Nausea from which you make an “illustration” or an art piece. You could use any method you please, print, photo, drawing etc.

BUT, your work has to be A4 size.

AND, it has to be mounted on a cardboard frame that YOU make yourself with the outside measurements: 38 x 28,5cm (making the frame width approx. 4,5cm)

ANY submitted work that fails to stay within these guidelines will be excluded from the show.

To cover show expenses the entrance fee of this exhibition is sadly £3 for every 2pages that you choose to illustrate. You are aloud to submit for more than one “set” of pages if you please but when the pages run out the chance of joining the show is gone!!!

The show will take place some time in late April or beginning of may; further notice will be given ASAP.

This will be a “one day only” event and if you’re not interested in making the work you still might want to take the opportunity to come and experience “NAUSEA”.

Contact: Nausea.Sartre@hotmail.com


OBSERVE: Your piece will either cost £9, 99 or be listed as “Private obsession”.

La Nausée (Nausea)

Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre wrote La Nausée in 1938 while he was a college professor. It is one of the best-known novels of Sartre.

The Kafka-influenced novel concerns a dejected researcher in a town similar to Le Havre who becomes convinced that inanimate objects and situations encroach on his ability to define himself, on his intellectual and spiritual freedom, evoking in the protagonist a sense of nausea.

It is widely considered one of the canonical works of existentialism. Sartre won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1964. They said he was recognized, "for his work which, rich in ideas and filled with the spirit of freedom and the quest for truth, has exerted a farreaching influence on our age." Sartre was one of the few people to ever decline the award, referring to it as merely a function of a bourgeois institution.


Fresh from several years of travel, 30-year-old Antoine Roquentin settles in the French seaport town of Bouville to finish his research on the life of an 18th-century political figure. But during the winter of 1932 a "sweetish sickness" he calls nausea increasingly impinges on almost everything he does or enjoys -- his research project, the company of "The Self-Taught Man" who is reading all the books in the library alphabetically, a pleasant physical relationship with a cafe owner named Francoise, his memories of Anny, an English girl he once loved ... even his own hands and the beauty of nature. Antoine is facing the troublesomely provisional and limited nature of existence itself; he embodies Sartre's theories of existential angst, and he searches anxiously for meaning in all the things that had filled and fulfilled his life up to that point.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Webpage for the Swedish Gallery.

http://www.periferi.nu/ (click on "pumpuset" for the gallery hosting the (deviant) ART show.) Sadly this site is all in Swedish.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The (deviant) ART show is mentioned for the first time in the Swedish papers!

This is the link to the web version of the article, also only in Swedish: http://www.magazine-special.se/artiklar/reportage/060322/lindberg/index.asp

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

There has been some confusions about the date of the show in sweden........

.....and to avoid further dispair, this is the date: 14th-23rd of July. OBSERVE: It is highly recomended that participating artists arrive latest on he 13th. There will be a secret opening mostly for artists, contributors and helpers on the 13th. Releases to the press will say that opening night is on the 14th.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nausea show decided!

The Nausea Art show is now a go, the faboulous complete art illustration of every page in this existensial work is planed to be held at the round chapel in Hackney, Clapton.