D.A.F.T. Related events & participants: THE (deviant) ART FESTIVAL in Trollhättan

Fred Lindberg started THE (deviant) ART FESTIVAL as a society and network of contemporary artists in London 2005. The thought behind these art events was to put people and ideas together rather than single pieces of art. To create a foundation for collaborations. In 1937 Hitler exhibited “Entartete Kunst”, 1962 came Fluxus events like “The Festival of Misfits” and today our Art is striving to exist in-between being singled out as a degenerate, or choosing to be a misfit.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

The News piece of the festival at Channel 4. (TV 4)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

(deviant) day 10: 6

Charlotte & Fred were out reporting for Shit TV: The Swedish Special Shit. Here they have found a shity thing for their most beloved show segment called "Shity Things".

(deviant) day 10: 5

Inside of PumpHouse Galley the residue from various performances have become installations in themselves...

(deviant) day 10: 4

spectators of the performance saying a final goodbye to the park outside the Gallery.

(deviant) day 10: 3

Jay & Hugo are shown here doing a protest performance on the roof of the Gallery, refusing to let the (deviant) ART festival end.

(deviant) day 10: 2

(deviant) day 10: 1

After midnight Saturday or really early Sunday morning it was the last day of the (deviant) festival. The main thing on the agenda at this point was to have a great "Last deviance" party... And so we did.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

(deviant) day 9: 6

Rustbuckets did not disappoint the crowd, especially not with their hit "Relational Athletics".

(deviant) day 9: 5

Jay & Hugo takes home the gold medallion for both segments of "Art Boat Race 2006".

(deviant) day 9: 4

The crowd did not fail to show up at the boat event even though it had not appeared in the original schedule for the (deviant) ART festival.

(deviant) day 9: 3

The art boat race had two segments, first there was a speed race with simple rules; first to the buoy and back wins. Second there was a "king of the hill" contest; last boat with a team member still on it wins.

(deviant) day 9: 2

Beth’s maiden voyage goes horribly wrong when her boat flips over backwards. Moments later when Frog is introducing the race by singing a song before the start, Ollie and Fred’s boat turns upside-down... This is also how they have to use it in the race.

(deviant) day 9: 1

Before the boat race everyone prepared in his or her own special way.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Deviant news: Another article about the show.

Headline: "Salutations to an extinct species" (If you translate the Swedish word for "extinct species" directly it becomes "out-dead animal-art".)

(deviant) day 8: 6

Both RustBuckets and Frog were highly appreciated for their attempts at incorporating the Swedish language into their poetry.

(deviant) day 8: 5

At the "open mic" part of the poetry evening, a lot of the artist’s joined in, everything from singing, improvisations and horny moose sounds. The Swedish poet Johan Lindblom also read some of his poems, some of them translated to English especially for the (deviant) festival.

(deviant) day 8: 4

Poetry Night. Frog Morris is shown here performing his beloved poem "Angry Badger".

(deviant) day 8: 3

Inside the Pumphouse people spent a lot of time inside boxes.

(deviant) day 8: 2

Frog and Johan rehearse some English/Swedish translations that will be incorporated in their poetry reading later this evening.

(deviant) day 8: 1

It's the eighth day of the festival and by now practically all the artists are building boats... At this time even visitors are involved in the process. Anyone with doubts about the seafaring abilities of Beth's boat (left), where later proven wrong. Ollie & Magnus are posing in front of their handy work.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

(deviant) day 7: 5

This is a detail of Joanna`s installation "Vertical Funeral" before and after it was sabotaged by angry members of the public.

(deviant) day 7: 4

Downstairs in the Gallery space Olie has a photo collage showing his degree work.

(deviant) day 7: 3

Charlotte is getting dressed to make Shit TV, meanwhile Fred is still undressed, making the Shit studio... Later Shit Tv was recorded in front of a live studio audience.

(deviant) day 7: 2

Joanna`s two drawings that is displayed inside of the gallery.

(deviant) day 7: 1

The great Irish Elk also nown as Beth goes out on the WaterFall festival in Trollhättan to get something to eat.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

(deviant) day 6:5

The restaurant & Bar called Meza gave v.i.p cards to all deviant artists so of course we felt repelled to go for beverages and refreshments after a hard days deviance. Thank you Meza!

(deviant) day 6:4

Charlotte pillow piece is maybe best explained by here own words: -Tracy Emin is an elephant in my bedroom!

(deviant) day 6:3

Klein is making deviant signs to put up everywhere around the Gallery.

(deviant) day 6:2

The beginning of Hugo`s and Jay`s art boat, here seen inside the Gallery infront of Hugo`s "PeepHole" sculpture box.

(deviant) day 6:1

Aidan commes up with the brilliant idèa that the artists should build their own boats, floating sculptures if you wiil, and have a race at the end of the festival. Here seen already started working on his togther with Jamie.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

(deviant) day 5:5

Here you can see Fred, Angus and Corinne, some of all the (deviant) artists playing the relational aesthetics game "what the fuck" outside the gallery... Some members of the public also joined up later.

(deviant) day 5:4

Katey & Jamie are working their ass off making a documentry about everything that goes on at the Art festival.

(deviant) day 5:3

Here you can see Jay`s light installation called "c.o.r.r.u.p.t." ver II, THEY won`t know what hit them. Downstairs on the monitor Charlotte`s documentation from her "My art is better than your art" protest outside Saint Martin`s university is playing.

(deviant) day 5: 2

Joanna is being interviewed about the (deviant) ART festival by the "Metro" Newspaper.

(deviant) day 5: 1

The view from inside the "Nausea" installation. This is the final piece made with all the participants from the Nausea exhibition earlier this year at the round chapel in London. (Go further back at this blog if yo want to know more about that exhibition.)

Monday, July 17, 2006

(deviant) day 4: Recreation day at Dad`s. III

"PrettyBoy" is trying to play Dad`s fiddle.

(deviant) day 4: Recreation day at Dad`S. II

Performing highly complicated "Kabedi-Kabedi". Three artist where needed to draw a line in the sand, another seven to argue about if the line was good enough or aesthetically correct.

(deviant) day 4: Recreation day at Dad`s.

On Monday the Pumphouse Gallery is closed so the (deviant) Artists go on a field trip to Fred`s dad`s place in the Swedish woods. Here they shower in waterfalls, swim in lakes, plays with dices and shoots each other with paintball guns. Bullfighting with sheeps along with airgun shooting topped with barbecuing and hot sauce not to mention the "kabbadi kebabadi".

The (deviant) Art flyer:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

(deviant) day 3: 5

Karin`s "Dead Life" photographs on the Pumphouse Gallery wall.

(deviant) day 3: 4

When most of the (deviant) Artists joins up with the exercise people from "Healthy&Sweaty" it is hard to tell if it is workout or art. Artwork-ing maybe...

(deviant) day 3: 3

Also visible from the Canal is Joanna`s installation behind the gallery called "Vertical Funeral." Inside the small brick house her drawings hangs from washing lines and outside visitors have lit candles next to her white flowers and white wooden crosses.

(deviant) day 3: 2

Next to the (deviant) festival runs the Trollhättan Canal, here Olie is trying to instruct the artists how to do an "Water ballea" performance in it.

(deviant) day 3: 1

Matthew is transformed to the up-side-down-man who is staggering around screaming "I am a upside down man observe my wonderful powers!” in badly translated Swedish. While he is doing this Channel 4 is at the (deviant) ART festival filming so later this stunt ends up in the news.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

(deviant) day 2: 5

On the front of Fred`s painting there is a silver handle (same as the one on the FatBox) and the frame is built like a box so you can open the painting and read a text on the wall behind it. (As seen above on the picture.)

(deviant) day 2: 4

The notorious punkband the BeerBoys a.k.a Ölhävers played their "first-time-ever-unplugged" set of more than 15 songs only about "peoples beer". They stated thou that the time they do an "unmasked" gig will never come... "-Playing unplugged is bad enough, but it`s not our fault that our drummer died."

(deviant) day 2: 3

Charlotte is protesting, trying to explain why "HER ART IS BETTER THAN YOUR ART" which the sign of course says but in proper Swedish. She also had hand-outs customized especially for Swede`s to grasp the superiority of her art.

(deviant) day 2: 2

Angus gets duck-taped to a cross and is raised up in the air to perform his piece "the dribble factory". He has a lemon in his face to enhance his dribbling. For a great moment during this piece it seemed to be no audience... Practicably everyone present where involved in getting Angus safely up in the air.

(deviant) day 2: 1

Cai is preparing for his performance "Sky Burial" at the Central Trollhättan town square. Minutes later he is lying down covered with bird food waiting for them to start eating of him.

Friday, July 14, 2006

(deviant) ART festival add:

We managed to get an £1000 add in the Newspaper TTela. Thank you very much. (Especially Katja)

(deviant) day 1: 5

The view inside & out from inside of the "NAUSEA" house...